SharePoint 2013 Permission Report: Check Access Rights for a Specific User

I’m pretty sure that by now many of the SharePoint SME’s out there would have tried the “Check access rights script for a specific user” . Now if you’re new to this , please take a look at the link below to understand what this script is all about .It’s a very powerful tool with some limitations.  I happened to work with this script recently and listed below is my experience with this script .

  1. It doesn’t get really granular and looks for all the bits and pieces and retrieve the complete information we are looking for .For instance it can’t get the permission assigned on a list item and its just stops at the list level .In addition to that it doesn’t look for the security groups too. 
  2. The script takes atleast not less than 30 mins to 1 hour to run depending upon the size of the FARM and the contents it has as it has to go through all the contents in the FARM . So its better you run this script on a server which is properly scaled out .
  3. Another annoying fact about this script is , the final report displays the list of all the sites where the “NTAuthority\Authenticates users” group and the “Everyone” group is added . For sure every user in the domain would be a part of this group and its really annoying to see the  report displaying  all those results which we don’t really need . Moreover it would be  great if the result just displays the list of the sites where the user was explicitly added . 

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