Recording of my webinar on Fundamentals of Microsoft Security , Compliance and Identity

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Please find the recording of my webinar on Fundamentals of Microsoft Security , Compliance and Identity as well as the slide deck from the link below .

Webinar recording :_

Slide deck :_

Please enroll yourself as a member in the Office 365 and Power Platform user group -India to attend all our upcoming webinars and inperson events .

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Getting started with Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex

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I hope you’re all doing good and staying safe at home . Eversince the announcement of SharePoint Syntex at Microsoft Ignite earlier this year it has started to become a buzz word in the SharePoint community . So if you’re someone who’s new to this and if you’re interested in understanding in detail about SharePoint Syntex then here’s our webinar recording on the same .

Webinar recording on Project Cortex & SharePoint Syntex :_

MS Teams webinar learning series starting from May 1st onwards


webinarHi Folks ,

I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe at home . Its been quite a long time since I wrote a blog post and hence I’m back here after a very long time with some exciting news on MS Teams learning  . So in this blog post I’d like to introduce the new MS Teams webinar learning series which we have planned from the “Office 365 and Power Platform user group “ in India . While this meetup group is focussed to deliver online and inperson sessions on all the Office 365 , Power Platform & Dynamics 365 topics , this webinar series is dedicated only to Teams and hence anyone who’s new to Teams or who’s interested in gaining a level 300 knowledge in Teams can join these free sessions and gain more knowledge on Teams .

We will be having a series of sessions on IT Pro topics , Teams development , Teams Voice , end user sessions and also on Security and Complaince on Teams and hence please make use of this learning series . All the sessions will be delivered by Microsoft MVP’s and industry experts and I’ll also try to invite my colleagues from Microsoft as well to deliver few sessions .

The first session on this series is planned to happen on May 1st at 6PM IST and please find the link below to register for this session . We will also have the recordings of these sessions published on my YouTube channel and you can find the link to that as well below . We’d recommend you to join the webinar directly rather than waiting for the recording as that’s where you get to ask all your questions .

Thanks and good luck in learning MS Teams !

Registration for the webinar :_ 

My YouTube channel where the recordings will be published :_ 


Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2019- Chennai


Hi Folks ,

Myself and Microsoft MVP Vijai Anand will be delivering a session on ” What’s new and what’s next in SharePoint Development for Enterprise & SPFx?”  at the Global M365 Developer bootcamp at Chennai on Oct 12th . The complete details about the event can be found from the link below . So if you’re planning to attend the event please do attend our session as we have some great stuff to talk about and some cool demoes to show .

Event details :_

I’ll be talking at Microsoft Ignite Tour Mumbai…

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If you’re planning to attend the Microsoft Ignite Tour at Mumbai , then I’d definitely urge you folks to stop by for my session on  “Live events and employee engagement with Yammer , Stream & SharePoint “ and also for a workshop on Microsoft Teams administration ,i.e. ” A day in the life of a Teams admin “ to improve your MS Teams administration skills .

In addition to that I’ll be on the teams booth for the rest of the day . So please meet me there for some cool demoes on MS Teams and also to get your queries sorted on MS Teams . See you folks there !!! It’s gonna be loads of learning and fun . MSIgniteTheTour

Live events

Teams Admin workshop

My session details :_

C # Corner Annual Conference 2019 – Session on Microsoft Teams Apps



Hi Folks,

Please join us for a session on Microsoft Teams Apps at C # corner Annual conference this Saturday at Delhi . The complete details about the conference can be found in the link below . See you folks there !!!

Annual conference 2019 :


Webinar on What’s new in Azure Active Directory for Azure Vidyapeeth community:

Hi All,

Please join me for a webinar on April 5th ,2019 at 12:00 pm IST on “What’s new and what’s coming new in Azure Active Directory ?” for Azure Vidyapeeth community .


Link to register for this session :_

I’ll be talking on SharePoint Saturday Hyderabad


Hi Folks,

Please join me for a session on driving Office 365 adoption in your organization . You aren’t really successful with your Office 365 deployment if you have just deployed all the core Office 365 services but your users are not using it and are still in love with all the legacy solutions that you have .Hence, in this session I’ll be talking about how to successfully adopt Office 365 and transform your organization. I’ll share some guidance, best practices, and resources to help you create your own adoption plan including training, communications, and an internal champions program.

If you’re an organization who has spent heavily on deploying Office 365 but fails in user adoption then this session should give you some good insights . Also , in addition to that we have many other cool sessions as well , so please use the link below to enroll yourself for this event .

Registration link :_ 

Sessions :_

See you all on March  9th….

As always ,Happy SharePointing!!!

SharePoint Saturday Gurgaon is on !!!


Howdy folks! It’s time for the biggest SharePoint and Office 365 event in town ….

SPS (SharePoint Saturday) Gurgaon is all set to happen on Dec 1st at Microsoft Gurgaon Campus and you can find all the details about this event from this link below .

We have speakers from different parts of India who would be joining us for this event to share their knowledge and expertise in SharePoint ,Office 365 and Azure and I urge you all to attend this event without fail and make it a huge success. It’s going to be loads of learning and fun on Dec 1st and I can’t wait to see you folks there.

We have International speakers, MVP’s and Architects who would be sharing their knowledge and expertise on SharePoint , Office 365 & Azure . You can find the complete list of the speakers and the topics from the image below. We would be adding few more sessions on Office 365 and Azure shorlty ….

SPS Gurgaon speakers


Registration link: _

Note : This is a free event . Tea , snacks and lunch will be provided by us .

Timings : 9:30 am to 6:30 pm IST

See you all on Dec 1st …. Happy SharePointing folks!!!

Please follow our twitter handle @SPSGurgaon to get updates about the event and please use our hashtag #spsgurgaon to tweet about us .

Facebook event page for SPS Gurgaon :_

Thanks to C Sharp corner for sponsoring this event .