Webinar on SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview:

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Please join us for a webinar on September 15th ,2018 at 6:00 pm IST on “Overview of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview”



In this session we will be discussing about what’s new in SharePoint Server 2019 and what’s been deprecated , deployment best practices and much more .SharePoint Server 2019 as a product delivers enhancements and new capabilities in three major areas as listed below and our goal in this session is to showcase all the new features in SharePoint Server 2019.

1. Modern, familiar and intuitive user experiences based similar to SharePoint Online
2. New ways to engage with content across browsers and devices
3. Robust scale, security and compliance capabilities to meet growing demands

The session is mainly targeted for SharePoint administrators, developers and architects.

If you’re an on-premises customer and if you prefer to stay so due to security and legal reasons but would still like to take advantage of the new SharePoint features then this session is something which you shouldn’t miss.

Link to register for this session :_ https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/events/sharepoint-server-2019-overview


I’ll be talking on SharePoint Saturday Bangalore

SPS Bangalore Banner.PNG

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We’re all set for SPS (SharePoint Saturday) Bangalore on Sep 1st 2018 at Microsoft’s new Office in Bangalore where myself and my co-speaker Jayanthi would be taking on SharePoint Server 2019 . If you’re interested in attending this event , please use the link below to enroll yourself . We have many great sessions lined up for you on SharePoint and Office 365 .

Registration link :_ http://www.spsevents.org/city/bangalore/bangalore2018

Sessions :_ http://www.spsevents.org/city/Bangalore/Bangalore2018/sessions

Schedule :_ http://www.spsevents.org/city/Bangalore/Bangalore2018/schedule

See you all on Sep 1st ….

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Recording of our Webinar on Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool:


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Please find the recording of our webinar as well as the slide deck from the link below .

Webinar recording :_ https://youtu.be/71Ts7d-l04w

Slide deck :_https://www.slideshare.net/VigneshGanesanMCPMCI/accelerate-your-journey-to-the-cloud-using-the-microsoft-sharepoint-migration-tool

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SPS Bangalore is on!!!


Howdy folks!  it’s time for the biggest SharePoint and Office 365 event in town ….

SPS (SharePoint Saturday) Bangalore is all set to happen on Sept 1st at Microsoft’s new Office in Bangalore and you can find all the details about this event from this link below .


We have speakers from different parts of India and outside India who would be joining us for this event to share their knowledge and expertise in SharePoint and Office 365 and I urge you all to attend this event without fail and make it a huge success. It’s going to be loads of learning and fun on Sep 1st and I can’t wait to see you folks there.

You can find the complete list of speakers and the topics from the image below.

SPS Bangalore topics.PNG

Registration link: _ http://www.spsevents.org/city/Bangalore/Bangalore2018/home

See you all on Sep 1st …. Happy SharePointing folks!!!

Webinar on the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool:

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Please join us for a webinar on August 11th ,2018 at 6:00 pm IST on ”Accelerate your journey to the cloud using the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool ″

migration tool webinar

  • How the SharePoint Migration Tool works?
  • How to use the SharePoint Migration Tool?
  • Advanced Settings
  • How to format your CSV file for data content migration
  • Create a user mapping file for data content migration
  • Detailed demo on the SharePoint Migration tool
  • Comparison with other third party migration tools
  • Bulk migration & Incremental migration using the SharePoint Migration tool
  • Permission mapping .

Link to register for this session :_ https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/events/accelerate-your-journey-to-office-365-with-the-sharepoint-migration-tool-from-microsoft 


List of new Office 365 features announced in SharePoint Conference 2018 at Las Vegas

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Please go through the images below to have a sneak peek of the new features in Office 365 that was announced in  the SharePoint Conference at Las Vegas .Just in case you have missed to see the SharePoint Virtual Summit you can view the recording from this link .

Note : Most of these features that you see below are yet to be released and few of them are already avaiable for you to use in Office 365 .


Good luck in adopting these new features in Office 365 …..Happy SharePointing!!!

Recording of SharePoint Virtual Summit 2018 :

For all those folks who missed the live streaming of the SharePoint Virtual Summit yesterday , here’s the link to view the recording . #SPC2018



Good luck with all the new features in SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business ….Happy SharePointing!!!!

Recording of our webinar on “Deep Dive into the new Features of SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business -Part 1 ” by Jayanthi


Webinar Recording :_  https://youtu.be/LPohYbozOSM


Link to the PPT Slides :_ https://www.slideshare.net/JayanthiP4/deep-dive-into-the-new-features-of-share-point-online-amp-onedrive-for-business-part-i

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Good luck with the new features in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business !!!

Co-authoring in SharePoint & Why Check out a document is necessary in SharePoint?

In this article I will discuss about what is co-authoring in SharePoint & why we require to check out a document in SharePoint. SharePoint is the platform where multiple users can work on the same document at the same time.Co-authoring in SharePoint helps multiple users to access a document or edit a document simultaneously.

So let’s get started.

What is Co-Authoring?

Co-Authoring can be defined as several people working on a document at same time. This helps organizations to remove barriers to server-based document collaboration without any server setup which improves user experience & provides consistent access to up-date versions of documents.

What is Required to Co-Author a document?

A )The following locations requires to store a document for co-authoring:-

  1. SharePoint Online.
  2. SharePoint Server.
  3. One Drive for Business.
  4. One Drive Consumer.

Note:-In SharePoint Online co-authoring is enabled by default.

B) Co-authoring Supported apps:-

  1. Excel mobile apps and excel 2016 with O365.

Word and PowerPoint on all devices and versions more recent than Office 2010 that supports co-authoring.

C) Files to be co-authored:-

The following four files can be co-authored:-

  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. PowerPoint
  4. OneNote

D) Permission Levels:-

For co-authoring a document users must have permissions to access & edit the documents.

How Co-authoring Works with Word & PowerPoint in SharePoint?

  • Co-authoring With Word Document

The following steps illustrate how to co-author with word documents:-

a. Create a team site as shown below.

Co-authoring With Word Document.png

b. Upload the word document as shown in the below screenshot:-

word document.png

c. Open the document in word which you saved & leave it open. Refer below screenshot:-

Word Documents.png

d. Open the same document from another computer which is having office 2013 as well. The below screenshot shows the person editing the document. Here it shows Swati Smita Biswal is the editor of the same document at the same time.

Document Edit.jpg

Notification always appear on the upper right hand corner when another user edits the document at the same time.

  • Co-authoring with PowerPoint

The following steps shows how to co-author with PowerPoint:-

a. Upload the ppt to the SharePoint team site created as shown below.
upload PPT.png               b. Open the ppt and leave it open. Refer below screenshot:-

Open PPT.png                  C. Open the same ppt from another computer .The below screenshot shows the person editing the document. Here                          it shows Ambuja Kulkarni is the editor of the same ppt at the same time appears on the top right corner.

Demo PPT.png

  • Co-Authoring with Excel

The following steps shows how to co-author with Excel Web app:-

a. Upload the excel sheet to the SharePoint team site as shown in the below screen shot

Excel demo.png

b. Open the excel sheet and leave it open. Refer below screenshot.

Excel sheet.png

C. Open the same excel from another computer .The below screenshot shows the person editing the document. Here it shows Ambuja Kulkarni is the editor of the same excel sheet at the same time appears on the top right corner


When edits made to excel cells they happen live & changed cells will be highlighted.

  • Co-Authoring with One Note

Co-Authoring in OneNote works both with browser editing & native application. Notification will appear on the top right corner same as word & excel when another user edits at the same time. This works same as word & excel co-authoring.

Co-authoring works with visio same as with other word/excel/one note.

Check out a document in SharePoint

Check Out in SharePoint Stands opposite to Co-Authoring. Check Out in SharePoint restricts multiple users to make changes/edit the document at the same time. This prevents other users to make any changes in the document until the user check the document back in.

Benefits of Check-Out a Document

The following shows the benefits of Check out a Document:-

  • Helps to find out who is currently editing this document.
  • Control Version Number with each save.
  • Allow only one user to edit the document at a time unless it is released by the user.
  • While the document/file is checked out the changes made by the user are not visible to the others.
  • This prevents conflict where multiple people want to edit the same piece of content at the same time.

How to check out a Document

Document checkout enables the user to check out from the document automatically. Below are the steps for check out a document:-

a. Go to the document library & select the respective document library as shown in the below

Sharepoint Library.png

b. Select the library and click on library settings from the top as shown in the below screenshot

Sharepoint docs.pngSharepointDocs.png              c.  Select “Versioning settings” as shown in the below screenshot:-

Sharepoint docs settings.png            d. Select require check out option to “Yes” & click ok:-


What Happens when a document is checked out?

When a document is check out other user will able to view only the document in read only mode as shown in the below screenshot. User will not be able to edit the document.

Microsoft Online.png

So in this way we can implement Co-authoring & Checkout in SharePoint.

General Availability of the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool :


Couple of months back I wrote an article on the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool when it was newly introduced , today I’m really happy to see that Microsoft has announced the General Availability of this tool .

Please go through the article below to read in detail about this :_


Happy SharePointing !!!