Microsoft Viva Days 2022 Virtual event

Microsoft Viva Days 2022 is the first-ever event in India for Microsoft Viva products. It was held on May 14th and organized by Microsoft community members – Jasjit Chopra, Narasima Perumal Chandramohan, Vignesh Ganesan, Shrushti Shah, & Mythili Ranganathan. This was a one-day virtual event which saw great success and participation from all around the globe. More than 550 people registered themselves to attend the event. The registrations and attendances both exceeded our expectations and we had around 80+ attendees.

The goal of the event was to make people aware of and to give them a deeper knowledge about Microsoft Viva products – topics, learnings, connections & insights. We conducted a total of 11 sessions which received a lot of enthusiasm in the form of questions and answers from the speakers in the chat. The sessions were delivered by renowned Microsoft MVPs, MCTs, MCPs, experts, and community leaders & speakers from different places of the world.

Special thanks to all speakers who helped make this event a success (Vignesh Ganesan, Manpreet Singh, Abhijeet Jadhav, Narasima Perumal, Shrushti Shah, Aroh Shukla, Nanddeep Nachan, Smita Nachan, Siddharth Vaghasia, Kat Greenan, Ana Inés Urrutia, Sara Fennah, Lesley Crook & Merethe Stave).

You can find all the details about the event on the event website and for those who missed the event, please find the session recordings below.

Also,if you’re not a member of the Microsoft365,Power Platform and Cloud Security India meetup group then please use the link below to become a member so that you can be a part of all our events.

Microsoft365,Power Platform and Cloud Security India user group :


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