Recording of my webinar on Fundamentals of Microsoft Security , Compliance and Identity

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Please find the recording of my webinar on Fundamentals of Microsoft Security , Compliance and Identity as well as the slide deck from the link below .

Webinar recording :_

Slide deck :_

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Recording of my Webinar on Security and Compliance in Office 365-Part 1:

Security and Compliance

Webinar Recording :_

Red Team and Blue Team in Microsoft :_

OneHunt -Red Team and Blue Team :_

Link to the PPT Slides :_

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Webinar on Security and Compliance in Office 365 :

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Please join me for a webinar on March 17th ,2018 at 6:00 pm IST on ”Security and Compliance in Office 365-Part 1″

Security and Compliance

We will be discussing in detail about how Microsoft secures the customer’s data in Office 365 datacenters by following the defence in-depth approach and we will also look into the Security and Compliance offerings in Office 365 such as ATP, Threat Intelligene, DLP, AIP, Compliance Manager for Office 365 and Cloud Access Security Broker etc.

Webinar Details :_

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