I’m a SharePoint Consultant with 6 years of experience and I’m currently based out of Bangalore (India) . I’ve always been a great fan of  Microsoft Technologies and I love working on them . My main area of focus is on SharePoint Server , SQL Server , Office 365 , Azure & Windows Server  as of now and I love to blog about these technologies . I use this site to share my opinions and ideas on the above mentioned technologies because I honestly believe that collaborating with others is best the way to express and improve yourself  technically.


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  1. Hi,

    I am using SharePoint online. i have a Site Collection, in that I have many Sub sites around 150. I want to create a Permission report in excel for each sub site(Site URL,Group Name,Permission Level). It will be better if this report shows permission for each sub sites as well as each sub sites list and library also.

    Can you tell me the Power Shell Script for this?




    1. Hi Abhishek,
      To be honest with you , there’s no such PowerShell script yet for SharePoint Online .We had a similar requriement couple of months back for which we raised a MS case and we heard back from MS that ther isn’t any PowerShell script available yet for that . However , this is available for SharePoint on-premises.

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