September 8, 2015, update for SharePoint Server 2013 (KB3085481)

Finally is good to see Microsoft addressing most of the known issues in the Sept 8 ,2015 update .

September 8, 2015, update for SharePoint Server 2013 (KB3085481)

Improvements and fixes

  • Improves the hybrid user experience to let hybrid user profiles be redirected to their profiles in Office 365. Learn more.
  • Improves the translations of some terms in multiple languages to make sure the accuracy of the meaning.
  • Updates English proofing tools.
  • Fixes performance and correctness issues in Windows Azure plugin.
  • Fixes the following issues:
    • After you go to the Per-Location view settings page, some custom views aren’t displayed on the ellipsis menu for the list view web part.
    • When you attach a picture to your reply post for a trending tag in My Site, you experience an error if you have not followed the trending tag.
    • The Show more posts link does not work as expected on the Everyone page of Newsfeed in My Site.
    • When a user profile is deleted from My Site, an email is sent to the user’s manager. However, this email contains a link to the user’s root My Site which no longer exists. In addition, you receive the following error message:

User not found.

    • When you try to search something in a SharePoint Server 2013 list that has a rich text column, HTML tags instead of the content of the column are displayed in the search result if the column name contains special characters.
    • After you type multiline text in a rich text field of a list, the text is unsearchable separately.
    • If the number of items in a document library exceeds the list view threshold, you can’t update or delete a document set in the document library.
    • Some text in pdf files is extracted incorrectly (for example, trim line endings in encrypted documents).
    • Some text in pdf files is extracted and indexed incorrectly.
    • Unicode text in pdf files that contains some special characters may be interpreted incorrectly.


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