I’m a SharePoint Consultant with 6 years of experience and I’m currently based out of Bangalore (India) . I’ve always been a great fan of  Microsoft Technologies and I love working on them . My main area of focus is on SharePoint Server , SQL Server , Office 365 , Azure & Windows Server  as of now and I love to blog about these technologies . I use this site to share my opinions and ideas on the above mentioned technologies because I honestly believe that collaborating with others is best the way to express and improve yourself  technically.


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  1. Hi,

    I am using SharePoint online. i have a Site Collection, in that I have many Sub sites around 150. I want to create a Permission report in excel for each sub site(Site URL,Group Name,Permission Level). It will be better if this report shows permission for each sub sites as well as each sub sites list and library also.

    Can you tell me the Power Shell Script for this?




    1. Hi Abhishek,
      To be honest with you , there’s no such PowerShell script yet for SharePoint Online .We had a similar requriement couple of months back for which we raised a MS case and we heard back from MS that ther isn’t any PowerShell script available yet for that . However , this is available for SharePoint on-premises.

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  2. Hi vignesh, your blog with 2016 licensing model is very useful n simple way to understnad. Excellent… Thank you very much


      1. Thanks for replying,

        Is there any other way of achieving this as i would be having many links and it would look like a 3-4 column footer.
        I have a custom master page. Can this be achieved by adding a content placeholder in the html file for my master and getting the items in the footer by javascript. Can i store these items in a termset and reference the .js file(for retrieving the terms and their urls) in the masterpage.

        Please advice.

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  3. Hey ,your blog is very helpful in resolving my SharePoint issues. i would like collaborate with you and explore more about SharePoint and Azure. let me know if you are interested for further talk. if so kindly let me know your email.


  4. Hi Vignesh, what a lot of valuable information can be found here. Thank you! The webinar about Office 365 security is extremely interesting. We are a small organization and start using Sharepoint Online. I am now trying to find out how we can best organize the rights. Connected from AD, within Sharepoint, Security groups, Office 365 groups …. for everything there are advantages and disadvantages. Is there an article to find where all these options are displayed side by side? or could this possibly be a subject that you might be able to publish an article about in the future? Thanks!


    1. Hi Ben ,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback . Regarding your query , yes there are certain industry best practices that you need to follow in term of security and compliance while managing SharePoint Online , Office 365 groups and Azure AD etc . As of today there’s no dedicated article which speaks about this but it would be worthwhile to take a look at this links below so that you can get some idea . I’ll definitely be writing an article very soon on this topic






  5. Hi Vignesh,

    I am getting the error trial period for this product has expired in suite bar of sharepoint 2013 onpremise. i have done everything that is found on google like running psconfig.exe and farm is running in domain account but still the error is coming. we are using the sharepoint enterprise with CAL version.

    Jatin Ahuja


  6. Hi Vignesh,
    I am thinking of creating a page is sharepoint for help desk team which will be used for getting basic informations like access on user’s exchange mailboxes, folders like calendar etc.
    Can we do it? Can you please guide on this.


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