SharePoint Host Name site collection creator

Alright,I’m not trying to do some marketing stuff for this product now .I just came across this tool in the internet and just thought it would be wise to let my fellow SharePoint folks know about this if they haven’t heard about this yet .

It’s a known fact that there are so many cool tools like this in CodePlex but however this one caught my attention a lot and I wanted to blog about this .

Now ,What’s this  tools for ? 

This tool allows SharePoint Admins to create HNSC Via a GUI instead of PowerShell. This project has two ways to be used. One of them is a Windows Forms application that needs no installation, and the second one is a SharePoint 2013 farm solution that plugs in the Central Admin for a native SharePoint experience.

Now since I’ve given an overview of what’s  this tool about ,please take a look at this link below to understand about this tool and how to use it and what it can do for SharePoint IT Pros to make their life easy . Also , do remember that I haven’t tried this tool yet and I’m planning to explore this in my lab .

Happy SharePointing!!!!!!



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