Security Patch (MS 16-004 )Breaks SharePoint 2013 lists

This post is to give you a quick heads up about the recent security patch (MS 16-004 ) that was released by Microsoft on Jan 12 ,2016 for SharePoint Server 2013 .It has been observed that installing this patch will break all the list functionality in your SharePoint 2013 farm . I happened to notice many discussions about this in few Technet forums and thought of bringing this to your attention . So whomever is reading this post , please be aware that there is a problem with this patch and Microsoft is currently working on this .

If you have any plans of installing this security patch it would be great if you check with your Microsoft PFE before doing so . Please pass this word to your fellow SharePoint folks working in other firms.

More info on this issue , please see the links below ….

MS16-004 Causes a TypeError on SharePoint Lists



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